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Exhibition & Sponsorship

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  • Become an exhibitor

    Meet decision-makers from the entire Baltic region
    Baltic Sea Future offers several opportunities for participants to network in the foyer directly adjoining the seminar rooms.
    Refreshments are available and the space has been designed to facilitate networking.
    There is also a mini exhibition where organizations can display their message and talk about their business and products.

    Table Top presents the perfect opportunity for you and your organization to meet decision-makers from the areas of public administration, research and business throughout the entire Baltic region.

    •    Participants in the foyer
          Approx. 4 hrs Day 1
          Approx. 4 hrs Day 2

    •    4 sqm
    •    1 table
    •    2 bar stools
    •    2 room dividers
    •    Power socket
    •    Nameplate on the wall
    •    Carpeting
    •    Participation for 2 persons
    •    PRICE: SEK 20,000, excl. VAT.
    •    Marketing: Participate with name on website

  • Become a Sponsor

    Inspire your customers and challenge your competitors!
    The Baltic Sea is now the one of the world’s most polluted inland seas. Mankind has added to the Baltic Sea’s natural challenges, such as a restricted exchange of water, by polluting it over the last 120 years with nutrients and chemicals, and more recently with plastics and pharmaceutical residue as well.

    More and more of the region’s residents, organizations and visitors are deeply worried about the state of the Baltic Sea. Experiencing the problems at first hand, they want to understand what is happening and to do what they can to support and get involved in efforts to clean up the Baltic Sea.
    Baltic Sea Future is a golden opportunity for companies to let a wider audience know what they have done, are doing and plan to do for people and the environment in the Baltic Sea region.

    Baltic Sea Future has belief in the future

    Baltic Sea Future is a congress where research scientists, municipalities and businesses meet to find out more and provide more information about the importance of a thriving Baltic Sea for the region’s residents, organizations and visitors. The region’s leading research scientists present their latest findings and municipalities report on how seeing challenges as opportunities has resulted in enhanced quality of life for residents, a better business climate and belief in the future for their entire community.

    Baltic Sea Future will be an annual event

    The very first Baltic Sea Future will be held on 6-7 March 2017 at Stockholmsmässan in Sweden and it will then become an annual event for Baltic Sea stakeholders. In the intervals between each congress, a number of Baltic Sea-themed activities will be carried out for different issues and groups of stakeholders.

    Baltic Sea Future focuses on the Baltic Sea

    The Baltic Sea region has great development potential and there are good prospects for sustainable development. Baltic Sea Future focuses on municipalities in the Baltic Sea region, the Baltic Sea and the challenges of pollution by nutrients, microplastics/plastic litter, pharmaceutical residue and chemicals.

    Baltic Sea Future is well connected

    The City of Stockholm, Stockholm University and the Sustainable Seas Foundation have taken the initiative for and are in charge of Baltic Sea Future. Stockholmsmässan is organizing and hosting the congress. The program will be designed in association with Stockholm University Baltic Sea Center, the City of Stockholm Environmental Department, Stockholm Vatten, the Swedish Chemicals Agency, The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation, Västervik Municipality and others.

  • For more info, please contact:

    Carola Skoog
    Stockholmsmässan AB
    Project manager Baltic Sea Future and sales
    +46 70 789 41 42