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Baltic Sea on the news

Press clippings from the congress:

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From "Politico":
SWEDEN PUSHES BALTIC LEAD ON MICROPLASTICS BAN: Stockholm has reaffirmed its dedication to banning microplastics in the Baltic Sea. The minuscule bits of plastics have seeped into the ocean from products like cosmetics and microfibers from clothing, and there are about 40 metric tons of microplastics in the Baltic Sea alone. Sweden first proposed eliminating microplastics at the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission meeting last week, and the Swedish environment minister is now working on the ban.
— Vocal in support: “Plastics in the oceans is one of the most serious global environmental problems we have. Microplastics in cosmetics are entirely unnecessary and there are alternatives. I see that Sweden, together with other countries and cities around the Baltic Sea, can show global leadership here,” Environment Minister Carolina Forest said at the Baltic Sea Future Congress in Stockholm.